Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonder Woman vs. Menopause

I talked to my doctor who advises me that:

1) I am not wonder woman and I should stop overpowering people because frankly, it's a bit

2) I am  not enjoying magical power surges that make me invincible,  rather......

  • a) I am a hormonal, moody, frightening woman and... 
  • b) those power surges are truly just hot flashes that can be easily controlled through   hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
It's a little deflating because as wonder woman I felt like an invincible one man show. As a hormonal woman with hot flashes, night sweats and uncontrollable mood swings, I feel like a helpless little freak show.

Before I visit the doctor  to begin treatments, I intend to slip into my Wonder Woman gear and don my bullet deflecting bracelets, just in case he might be wrong.