Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last days of Summer

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI lay in the warm sun-kissed grass with the wind gently stirring, the sun glaring off my lashes.  I shield my eyes with one hand as I watch the clouds dance across the sky.  Soft puffs of cotton candy.  If I stick my tongue out, surely I can taste them.

Laying here, I have one ear turned to the sound of rustling leaves.  A sure sign the deer are traveling through the pasture and a clear indicator  the season is changing.  Fall is right around the corner.  The air is more languid, life has slowed down to a slumberous crawl.  A fly buzzes lazily nearby and dogs bark in the distance.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThere's not much definition to the clouds today.  No fluffy bears or puffy dragons. A jet shoots by overhead leaving white streaks in its wake.

I roll over on my belly, propping my chin in my hands.  I'd hoped to recapture a childhood memory of calling out cloud shapes.  Oh look!  There's a monster!  Over there!  It's a clown!  A boat! A kite!  Whatever tickled my fanciful imagination, if I looked hard enough, it would be there.

I remember wonderful summer days doing this very same thing with my sons when they were little.  Each of us excitedly vying to be the next to find a really cool cloud.  Laying here makes me drowsy and I let my mind float back in time.  I drift away...slowly....with a small smile curving my lips.

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I loved doing this as a kid, then as Mom, now as a Nana. Check out that cool dragon with Santa on its back!

  2. Mixednut, memories like these take me wayyyy back lol. But wasn't it fun?

  3. Thank you for that. Reminds me that I need to get back to this sort of thing myself. Let my middle-aged self remember and re-experience the wonders of childhood; of looking with an open mind and noticing the beauty and wonder all around us.